Henrich Varga

Born in Gelnica, Slovakia. Living in Sydney, Australia.

I wanted to become a Police Officer so I pursued a Bachelor degree in Germany and Slovakia.

After graduating from the Academy of the Police Force in Slovakia, I decided to kick-start a corporate career at a global IT company instead.

Three years into my office job, that I really enjoyed, I found myself filling out an Australian visa application anyway.

Arrived in Sydney in 2016 and loving my life down under.

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My "WHY"

I believe we all can change the world for better, every day little things count.

A picture you put on your wall that reminds you of a place, brings up good memories or tells a story you were part of..

..that's the kind of stories I want to be creating and WHY I got into photography.


I love to take on any challenge that involves working with people and capturing what's important to them. 

Be it a posed portrait, lifestyle photography, events or a candid, natural moment, it's WHAT matters to you that I will be striving for.

My "HOW"

Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using the contact form to discuss HOW I can help.

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