May 2018

Photo Exhibition in Leichhardt 

I’m proud & very happy to be sharing this with the community in Leichhardt where I’ve been working, making coffees, for over 2yrs now. 
So come visit Cavallaros Leichhardt, say hi and enjoy the exhibition while I make your coffee.
Let me know what you think, vote for your favourite image and get a chance to win an A3 size fine art print to brighten up that dark corner in your bathroom.. or whatever!

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“Capturing the beauty of this country en route to the very heart of the Australian Outback  - Alice Springs. “

Here's a selection of 10 of my favourite images from the Australian Outback trip. There so much more to see on my Instagram profile, so head over there if you're interested.

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“I call horses 'divine mirrors' - they reflect back theemotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity,the horse will return that.”

🗣 Allan Hamilton

Did you know that Australia was at war with emus? Yes! Backin 1932, for about a month. The government has financed a (wildlife management)military operation to kill emus who were said to be running amok in WesternAustralia.

Parachilna has an official permanent population of just two.Staying at the iconic Prairie Hotel is highly recommended and sunsets likethese are very enjoyable. Just don’t forget to bring your head net, it’s aflies’ paradise.

This spectacular waterhole is located about 80km west from AliceSprings, in the West MacDonnell Ranges. During our visit the water was fairlycold which provided a much needed cool-down. An absolute bliss!

Kata Tjuta (meaning “many heads”) is the lesser known rock formation,just about 60km west from Uluru. The tallest dome of Kata Tjuta rises 546metres above the plain, beating Uluru (348m) by almost 200m.

This is probably my favourite image from the whole trip. Wespent about 10min in this traffic jam, waiting for all the stock to cross theroad.

PS: There’s also a funny story, just ask me about the stockwoman!

The Oodnadatta Track is the most historic and iconic 4WDtrack in Outback South Australia. This track is a traditional Aboriginal tradingroute and follows the old Ghan railway line. There is so much to see along theway and the semi-desert landscape is simply stunning.

Jonathan & I would always count kangaroos (alive ones!)on our trip and try to beat that number the next day. Wilpena Pound though, it’sa place where you lose your count. This is clearly THE kangaroo country.

Australian road trains are the longest road-legal trucks inthe world, with triple road trains reaching around 53 metres in length.Overtaking such truck.. well it certainly was an experience!

This is the longest fence in the world! It stretches over5,600km through South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland and was builtto prevent dingo attacks on stock. An old saying in SA goes “no dog fence – nosheep industry”.

The Australian Outback | Instagram Story

Let me take you on a journey. Here's an Instagram Story - video from my recent trip to the Australian outback. 

See this story + heaps more on my IG profile:

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