Mark Ravenhill’s brief, blackly funny satire sees four artists proudly working on the fringes invited to stay in the luxury home of a longtime colleague, now a contemporary art superstar.

Jealousy and anger is kept at bay with fine wine, party drugs and the prospect of harking back to the good old days with skinny-dipping session in the swanky swimming pool.

But when their host suffers a terrible accident, bitterness, schadenfreude and opportunism sees the foursome turn the broken body of their host into an artwork. Revenge and celebrity – the things they really crave – all in one hit.

Maeliosa Stafford directs this Sydney Fringe Festival production.

Camille Chorley, Laura Wilson, Eleni Cassimatis, Sean Lyall, Heath Anderson and Dominic Gruenewald feature.

images from rehearsals, 10/09/2018

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